In Memoriam

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  For the forgotten victims of color
Randle Barrow Dec 14, 2013
Randle Barrow, age 8, autistic, drowned by his mother Delicia Barrow, in a river in Marshall County Alabama. Delicia Barrow later committed suicide by setting her house on fire.

Melissa Stoddard Dec 17, 2012:
Melissa Stoddard, Autistic, age 11, died from asphyxiation after her father and step-mother, Kenneth & Misty Stoddard, hog-tied her to her bed & covered her mouth with duct tape, to "protect" her & her siblings from "herself."

Corey Foster Dec 6, 2012
Corey Foster of New York City, 16, died after being restrained by school staff members for allegedly refusing to leave the basketball court at the Leake & Watts school for students with special needs in Yonkers, N.Y. The autopsy report ruled Corey's death an accident due to "cardiac arrest during excited state while being subdued." The Foster family is suing the school. (Courtesy Foster family)

Stephon Watts Feb 2, 2012
Stephon Watts, 14, Autistic, fatally shot in a catastrophic encounter with police in Calumet, IL.

Ernest Vassell Sep 1, 2011
Killed in a catastrophic encounter with Florida law enforcement, who stated 9/11 caller reported he was carrying a rifle, which according to police turned out to be a toy gun. Officer not charged. Police have never released photos of the toy gun 

Chad Jackson Jul 2, 2011 
Chad Jackson, 25, Autistic, nonspeaking, starved to death by his mother. 

Jawara Henry Dec 4, 2010
Jawara Henry, 27, died Saturday at South Beach Psychiatric Center on Seaview Ave. in Staten Island. He was asphyxiated, the city medical examiner's office said, ruling the death a homicide 

Steven Eugene Washington Mar 21, 2010
Steven Eugene Washington was shot by gang enforcement officers Allan Corrales and George Diego near Los Angeles' Koreatown shortly after midnight Saturday after he approached them and appeared to remove something from his waistband, police said. No weapon was recovered. 

Mohammad Usman Chaudhry Mar 25, 2008 
Mohammad Usman Chaudhry, a 21-year-old Autistic Pakistani-American, was fatally shot at 1435 N. Curson St. in Hollywood at 4 a.m. Tuesday, March 25 in a catastrophic encounter with law enforcement. His mother was awarded a million dollar wrongful death settlement. 

Lakesha Victor Jul 2006 
Lakesha Victor, 10, CP, Autistic, wheelchair user, starved to death after months of horrific abuse by her mother. 

Ronald Madison Sep 4, 2005 
40-year-old Ronald Madison, Autistic, shot in the back during by White New Orleans Police officers during the Danziger Bridge shootings 6 days after Hurricane Katrina. All victims were unarmed. Police were convicted of murder. Convictions were later overturned. 

Tiffany Pinkney Apr 2, 2005
Tiffany Pinckney, 23, Autistic, died of starvation in the basement of her sister's home. Her sister was convicted of manslaughter. 

Scarlett Peng Jul 12, 2004
Xuan (Linda) Peng drowned her 4-year-old autistic daughter Scarlett in a bathtub in the family home. She was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2008 

Torrance Cantrell Aug 25, 2003 
Torrance Cantrell age 8 killed by a brutal church exorcism attempt to 'cure' his autism 

Paul Childs III Jul 8, 2003
Paul Childs III, 15, Autistic with seizure disorder, killed in a catastrophic encounter with Denver Law Enforcement


  1. I am the mother of five children with autism. We have been victims of abuse in the past. My family is intact, no one killed. My heart goes out to all of those who haven't survived.

    1. Gwen email me about the incident in this video. I need more information about what happen. Why they forced their way into your house and tazed your child.

  2. Thank you, Kerima. Their faces are beautiful. We will not forget them.

  3. Rest in peace, beautiful souls. We will work hard to make the world safe, and never forget you.

  4. Thank you for posting this, Kerima. There is so much work left to do.

  5. Thank you all for vowing to remember them. My heart is broken and I can't post the others right now

  6. Oh my. Tears. Lots of tears. My heart is broken too. <3