Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Read of the Day

I spied this paragraph while researching another topic and thought it was worth a quote:

"The Minority Model, which informs Disability Studies, presents the experience of disability as seen through the lens of those persons with disabilities and characterizes that experience as socially, politically, and economically constructed. The Minority Model is not the study of disability, but rather, the study of the shared experience of disability. Lennard Davis (1997), in The Disability Studies Reader, contends that "we live in a world of norms." The problem with disability, then, is not the disability or the person with the disability, but rather the "the way that normalcy is constructed to create the 'problem' of the disabled person," stemming from the erroneous assumption that persons with disabilities are abnormal, and therefore undesirable (Davis, 1997). The problem of disability results from a hostile environment that does not accommodate persons with disabilities and that assigns them an inferior status. Jenny Morris (1991), in Pride Against Prejudice, examines the perception of disability from the perspective of the disabled person: "Our anger is not about having a 'chip on your shoulder', our grief is not a 'failure to come to terms with disability'. Our dissatisfaction with our lives is not a personality defect but a sane response to the oppression we experience (Morris, 1991).""

Happy New Year everyone.

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