Thursday, June 2, 2022



Written on this day in 2017:

Image of my son's thumb on his AAC device and my right hand holding sunglasses while my left seems to be reaching from our  deck and petting a Goose in the yard. 

You know why I get into so much trouble in life? Curiosity. 

Example 1. Despite having a wicked sore throat, I am curious about similarities between nonspeaking autistic vocalizations and throat singing. So I am seriously avoiding work by making weird sounds with Mu to see if we can approximate throat singing.

 Example 2. I am also curious about whether Mu would be willing to listen to someone giving him directions on how to avoid driving into our backyard pond if I sat him on a riding lawn mower and taught him how to use it to mow the lawn. 

Seriously ignorant, ablest people look at him and tell me to grieve. I look at him and say, "I'm curious, son. How do you feel about putting on noise canceling headphones and trying out driving a riding lawn mower?" 

Me increasingly curious about whether I should rent or buy a riding lawn mower and put it in the hands of my willful teenage nonspeaking autistic son? Beautiful day outside. Fat loud geese flapping everywhere. Do you all see where this is going? 

The reason I believe in Divine intervention is that Mu and I have his dad, my husband Nuri, and as a result, Mu and I aren't sitting in the middle of that pond on a riding lawnmower covered in goose down.

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